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A Hip Handmade Holiday

Alison Faulkner
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Are you ready to GET YOUR CRAFT ON SO HARD? Or maybe just print some really cute gift tags, stationary and stickers that help you turn cute boxes in to gifts??? Do you want to give the cutest and most fun gifts in the neighborhood without taking out a second mortgage? THEN THIS digital craft book is FOR YOU!

A Hip Handmade Holiday is digital book with over:

-18 craft projects

-9 instructional videos

-100 printable PDF stickers, pattern, stencils, and gift tags!

There's something for everyone on your list! From your tradition-loving Grammy, to your tradition-bucking best friend, and we haven't forgotten your pet! Woof!

Each gift can be made for $10 or less! Cha-ching! We want you to make awesome gifts! Each of our crafts have detailed instructions and photographs, as well as pro tips, shortcuts for quicker crafting, and ideas on how to make each project your own!

When you buy A Hip Handmade Holiday it downloads to your computer and you can flip through the book get crazy inspired! Follow links in each project to watch instructional videos and download the needed pattern pieces, stickers, or stencil to complete the project! Just click print and you'll be ready to get your craft on!

There's gifts you’ll want to treasure and gifts you can make in under 5 minutes, but no matter what your level of craft-pertise, you can create A Hip Handmade Holiday! 

To see more of the projects in action watch our bomb promo video here!

Projects include:

1. Nutcracker Bowling League (bowling pins) 

2. Initial Necklaces 

3. Jingle Bell Leather Pet Collar

4. Lumberjack Breakfast Kit

5. Mr and Mrs HO HO HO Pillows

6. Leather stationary box and cards to print

7. Advent Activity Bunting

8. Happy Holiday Blocks

9. Faux Antlers

10. Holiday Hoops

11. Leather Mistletoe 

12. Give a dog a bone tin and homemade bone recipe

13. Vanity Pet tags

14. Leather Fringe Keychain

15. Create your own POP-UP book

16. Gifts in a hurry -- Making Spirits Bright drink lables

17. Bear Necessities Gift Tin 

18. Treat stickers, goodie bag toppers and gift tags galore! 

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A Hip Handmade Holiday

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